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Preventing Disease.

Changing mindsets, behaviors, and improving health, one person at a time.

Covid-19 underscores the urgent challenge for all communities: growing health inequities and chronic disease burden. We need to shift from disease care to wellness, prevention and community resilience. We believe a healthier world begins with connecting young people to a simple idea . . .

. . . the choices I make today determine the quality of my health and life tomorrow.

Introducing the BRIDGE

There is a gap between what we know in disease prevention and what we do. The good news is today’s advanced technology and evidenced-based knowledge can BRIDGE this gap. We envision communities where everyone has the opportunity to be healthy and to thrive. In collaboration with partners, our integrated platform of technology, knowledge and stakeholder interchange (the BRIDGE) is designed to improve the future of health, starting with youth.

Support Local Communities

Local stakeholders are critical to the success of any major health initiative. Data, content & solutions must support local realities, participation & investment.

Your Impact
in Action

When you give to the BRIDGE, 100% of your donation goes directly to building the platform. This means every penny you give helps build resilient communities.

Opa Health, helping to preventing disease in our communities

the Need

Our vision is for future generations to look back at this moment & realize we knew what it took to make disease prevention a reality & did something about it.

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Your zip code is often a better predictor of health than your genetic code.
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Your zip code is often a better predictor of health than your genetic code.​

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